Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Fatal Fantasy VII (Playstation)

This is a bit of an oddity. It appears to be a demo for a Net Yaroze game. It's obviously a Final Fantasy VII fangame. That's pretty much all that I've been able to find out about it. Well there is one more thing: more than one person has told me that the text at the start of the video has something to do with "the world's toilet paper". Hmm.
I won't bother commenting on how it plays, you can see the whole thing in the video, and there's no real gameplay to comment on.


  1. this was terrible boring on that yaroze-cd-pile-of-shit (YPOS)

  2. Hello, Jonny (or should I call you Mister Laufeyson?).

    Well, I did something that you might like… Take a look at this link.

    I'm not a good translator, but this will make you understand the video a little bit. If you want to replace the video shown here for this version with subtitles, copy the code in this link and replace it in your post.

    That's it. See you on Twitter.

    1. Wow, this is amazing, thank you! I want to put the subbed video in a new post, so more people can see it, is there a particular name you'd like to be credited as?
      Also, who are you on twitter? haha.

    2. Hello again.
      城間エドゥアルド (E. Shiroma) is my name. You can use it or not, you decide. Shiroma (城間) is my surname (not to be confused with this Shiroma, a contraction of Shiro madōshi (白魔道士))! Heheheh!

      Oh! I forgot to mention a few things before.

      In the first screen of the video there are some words that I didn't mention in the captions.
      ● "Terra Incognita" is the first game that appears on the list;
      ● Below the words "Fatal Fantasy VII Playable demo" (フェイタルファンタジーⅦ体験版 Feitaru Fantajī VII Taikenban) there are the following sentences: "You can play only a little!" (少しだけ遊べちゃう! Sukoshi dake asobechau!) and "Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack - Please insert Disc 1" (フェイタルファンタジーⅦ オリジナル・サウンド・トラック Disc1を入れて下さいFainaru Fantajī VII Originaru saundo torakku - Disc 1 o irete kudasai).

      Besides the images are clearly related to Final Fantasy VII, some passages of the text also refers to the game. The "Nude Company" (全裸カンパニー Zenra Kanpanī) makes mention of the "Shinra Company" (神羅カンパニー Shinra Kanpanī).

      I translated the compound word makōshū (魔公衆) as "public devil", but I think it could have been better (I'll end up changing the translation later…). Ma (魔) means several things: "devil", "evil spirit", "danger", "temptation", "disaster", etc. As I don't know exactly what the word means in this case, I used the most common meaning. Kōshū (公衆) means "public". Makōshū is a pun on the words Makōro (魔晄炉), which was translated into Final Fantasy VII as "mako reactor", and kōshū benjo (公衆便所), that means "public toilet". As you may have noticed, "mako" is composed of the kanji ma (魔) and (晄). means light, shine.

      I think that was it.

      Ah! My Twitter account is this one, but as you can see, I don't write there since a long time. I track people that I follow through my portable video games, because my computer HD broke. When I have the opportunity, I borrow the computer of my father. One day I'll repair it and return to use the account frequently.

      I'm sorry for writing such drivel here. Catch you later!