Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Uzu Keobukseon (Mega Drive)

This is a korean vetical shooter. It's not very good, though. I'm only posting about it because of it's obscurity.

Here's an animated gif of the intro. I can't read korean, but going by the pictures it's obvious this game is about two midget spacemen on a flying viking ship going to space to fight a demonic PC.

Here's a picture of the first boss. The boss fights look nicer than the rest of the game, being in space. I guess a no-prize explanation for this could be that the bosses are too big to live in the atmosphere/gravitational pull of a planet, so they just float about space and attack you while you're... commuting from one planet to the next.
Most of the stuff at the side of the screen here is pretty obvious, but the number next to the red text is how many times you have to hit the boss until it dies, and the green text with the red speck thing next to it tells you which weapon you're using. The red speck represents the defalut weapon, which is a regular old 3-way shot, that turns into a 5-way, 6-way etc. shot when powered up, but pressing C lets you switch to a different shot, that shoots one bullet in front of you, and one bullet straight out to the left and right of you. This second weapon is weaker and slower than the default, which itself isn't all that great, either. The rubbish weak weapon, coupled with the really fast moving enemies make this game really hard. it took me a few attempts to get past the first stage, but then, that could just be me being bad at games. Either way, the challenge isn't worth persevering through; the game is slow, unoriginal, ugly and boring.
Ugly is especially true. Look at this screenshot from the second stage. It's very brown, isn't it? The first stage is too, with a lot of murky dark green thrown in too. In summary, don't play this game. It is bad.

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