Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Disc Station 98 #00

Considering how great the first MSX Disk Station was, surely, the first volume for the much more powerful PC98 must be way better, right?
Unfortunately not. It's kind of rubbish. Well, the original content part is, at least. People who bought it at the time weren't getting ripped off: it comes on three disks, and the first two are full commercial games! Prince of Persia and Powermonger, to be specific! I won't bother writing about those though, since they're very well known, and there are probably a million other places to read about them.
Onto the third disk, then. It has a paltry four items on it.
The first is a non-playable demo/advert for a game whose title I can't read. But it does say that it's a "SPACE WAR SIMULATION", and theres a "II" in the title, so presumably it's also a sequel.
The second option is something a bit odd. It's an interactive... thing. There's a black and white drawing on the room, and clicking on items in the room makes stuff happen. The painting on the wall changes to a different picture, the cat turns into a weird alien, etc. Also, the pillow, TV and teddy bear come to life and start asking questions in Japanese. I wonder if anything happens when you answer their questions correctly. I guess we'll never know.
The third item is a long, boring and very text heavy animation about a UFO travelling the universe. In its defence, it does look very nice, though.
The fourth option is some kind of text content thing, as you usually get on these disks. I wish I could read the text content that's on the disk stations, it would be a window into a pre-internet nerd subculture in a far-off foreign land. Doesn't that kind of thing interest you? It interests me. BYE!


  1. Hmm… Never heard of it before… Sounds interesting!

    Well, looking at the second image I assume that such demo/advert is of Ginga Eiyū Densetsu II, because there is an image of Reinhard von Müsel with the words: 銀河帝国には 常勝の天才 ラインハルト・フォン ミューゼル (In the Galactic Empire/The invincible genius/Reinhard von Müsel).

    Looking on Wikipedia I saw that the room game probably is Apple Sauce Room (あっぷるそーするーむ), and if I saw it right, the UFO animation is ASTRO SCOPE.

    If you want to try your luck, this webpage have the answers of the quiz in Apple Sauce Room (in Japanese).

    1. Wow! Thanks for all this information! I'll see if I can maybe stumble through the apple sauce room some time!

    2. So random, I just did a gameplay off this Disks and the last Disk I chuld not find what games it was and this blog helped me, so ty for doing this blog and ty to 城間エドゥアルド for comment the names.
      Here is a videos to my gameplay
      Disk 1 -
      Disk 2 -
      Disk 3 -