Saturday, 19 October 2013

Disc Station 16 (PC)

So, the first game I played on this volume of Disc Station was a platform game called Go Go Ivan!, in which
you play as a penguin, rescuing baby penguins that are hidden around the stages. It's not anything special, though one cool point is the hiden room in one of the stages that looks like a Puyo Puyo screen. Unfortunately, none of the programs I tried would take screenshots or record video of this game, so I can't show it to you.
The rest of the games I could document for you, though! Firstly, there's Geo Conflict 3: Hell's Gate Crusaders which is, as far as I can tell some kind of Auto-RPG in which you equip your party and send them off into the dungeon. I'm not totally sure about that, since it's all in Japanese, but since the characters do seem to do their exploring and fighting without any player input, that does seem to be the case.
There's also [Something] Angler, which is like a more colourful version of the Apple Sauce Room things, where you click on objects and things
happen, but with a scenic picture of a waterfall and some mountains.
There's a puzzle game starring tanukis, who have to push cages onto foxes, but it's incredibly boring. Definitely not as good as the last tanuki puzzle game that was on one of these discs. There's also, as always, another volume of Nazo Puyo puzzles.
As well as the games, there's the usual extra movies and artwork. I've posted the most interesting of the artworks at the top of this post.
Of the videos, the most interesting were this ad for the Saturn version of Madou Monogatari

and this video show Compile recieving an award for Puyo Puyo 2 at the 1997 Tokyo Game Show


  1. The Madou Monogatari game on Saturn isn't a port, but an original entry in the series. It's the only MM that lets you use multiple party memebrs and definitely the best in the series. It was the last one until the recent Vita reboot, but that doesn't have any Puyo characters due to Compile Heart losing the rights to Sega.