Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Kyuutenkai Fantastic Pinball (Saturn)

So, Technosoft (sometimes known as Tecnosoft, for some reason) have made a lot of excellent games, usually with excellent music. One of their better-known titles is the Mega Drive port of Devil Crush, also known as Dragon's Fury. Like Kyuutenkai, it's a pinball game, and a lot of elements from Devil Crush made their way into this game: a main table being three screens high, bonus stage/boss fight sub-tables that offer huge amounts of points upon completion, even some smaller details, like the bonus counter with its two stacking multipliers.

Being on the Saturn, Kyuutenkai has some stiff competition from Kaze's Digital Pinball games, Last Gladiators and Necronomicon, and by "stiff competition", I mean "the best pinball videogames ever". Obviously, it's not as great as those two titans of the genre, but it does at least serve as a worthy follow-up to Devil Crush.
The main (and only) table is, as I said, three screens high. Each screen has a set of flippers at the bottom of it, and the whole table has a nice theme to it, with heaven at the top, earth in the middle, and hell at the bottom. There's lots of things to hit, and gimmicks to activate on the main table, like the angel watching over the middle portion of the table who can be made to shoot laser eyes all over the place, and the little band of skeletal day of the dead mariachis who can be knocked down in hell.
Obviously, the cute fantasy visual style of this game is massively different to the heavy metal album cover-inspired look of Devil Crush, and the bonus stages follow suit: instead of smashing open coffins or fighting multi-headed dragons, the bonus stages are cuter and more imaginitive to boot. My two favourites of the few I've seen are one that takes place on a football pitch where the player has to score 4 goals past the devil goalkeepers and his mummy defenders, and another where you have to use the ball to smash up the contents of a girl's bedroom in a strict time limit.
Although Kyuutenkai isn't as good as the mighty Digital Pinball series nor does it have the excellent music you would expect from Technosoft
, it is still a lot of fun to play, as well as very fast paced and even more addictive. There's also a Playstation version which I haven't played, but I assume it's' pretty much the same as this one.

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  1. Great review! I have this game and every one you mentioned on their way to me in the mail thanks to this review.